July 21, 2010

I’ve discovered a new limb on my body.

It’s my bike.

It’s different to my previous bike. In fact it’s different to any mountain bike or road bike.

Here’s how.

When I push the pedals, there’ no chain clicking, gear-shifter snicketing, thick tires squelching, like before. There’s just the cool silence of two spinning points of contact, rubber on earth. When I brake, I don’t send a signal down my arm to my hand to squeeze a lever to tighten a cable to compress a pincer to add friction to the steel rim of a wheel to slow its rotation. Now, I make the same movement as when slowing to a stop after running — I absorb the speed in my legs and slow down. No cables, handles, little pieces. Just me and my legs, and this new part of me that moves as I move.

There’s no coasting. When my body’s moving through the streets, my legs are moving. As it should be. It’s like running, but with no impact. Going ten times the speed. With one tenth the effort.

Actually, it feels like flying.

Before, if someone stole my bike, it’d feel like they stole a pair of shoes. Now it would feel like they’d stolen my feet.

What kind of bike gives such incredible feedback and sense of oneness to its rider? I’m sorry hipster-haters, I never understood it before buying this bike… it’s called a fixie.

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