August 13, 2010

We get in the stadium just after something happened that signified the game happening. Friend glances at monitors and screams in despair that the other team is already ahead, the cursed fools. They have a run in the first and loaded bases for a second before the second, apparently.

I realise that it never even occurred to me that part of the experience of going to a baseball game was the score. I guess my competitive streak is more of a schmear.

One Response to “Sports”

  1. Susha Bro said

    but u got a hot dog smothered in bright yella mus-turd and saw a fat white american bru wearing a puny wife beater which allowed u too see his man titties and his tats: a love heart that said “Jane” in the middle (he later put his arm around a tiny little lady sitting next to him and said, “Kate get me another brew”.. wonder what happened to poor jane) and a “BAY AREA” stamp on the nape of his neck, right?

    people watching. tis what sportz are all about duh
    worth it.

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