A good day. Twas a good thing.

August 16, 2010

Classic situation: I wake up. I realise, THERE ARE THINGS TO DO. Sometimes there actually aren’t. But I still wake up feeling that way. This is silly.

On saturday, I woke up in a different state. 500 miles from home.

And when I woke up, there was nothing that needed to be done. Nowhere that needed to be gone too, nobody that needed attention. And I realised it. I was in Ashland, Oregon. And it felt that way.

First we ate breakfast at midday. Then we went to a park and blew touchable bubbles called Bloonies. Then we played frisbee. Then we blew more bloonies. Then we met friendly people. Then we blew more bloonies. At one point, I messed up our whole plan of having no plan, by actually needing something. But it was only water, and it was close by. Then we blew more bloonies. We drank thick liquid chocolate brewed by a florist. We tried on hats and hemp. We started a jam session in a musical instrument store on strange percussions. We found wiggle face keychains. We wandered, and smiled.

A good day.

3 Responses to “A good day. Twas a good thing.”

  1. Susha Bro said

    so pleasing still . howju get that smiley face mit a perf nose. who knows.

    • Wyatt said

      mbrandt did it! he’s the best in the world at it. I believe it’s now listed as a “skill” on his resume.

      actually, i think it’s his whole resume.

  2. diane said

    sounds so fun and without deadlines and deliverables. perfecto.

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