Going Vego

August 20, 2010

It’s finally happened.

I’ve decided to give up meat.


For a week (see how it goes). I never found the ethical dilemmas much of a dilemma — as far as i’m concerned, the only reason cows and pigs aren’t extinct is because we have a use for them. Perhaps they’d be better off extinct than jammed in a squalid cage and force-fed until their calculated, brutal death? Perhaps. But I don’t buy that. Then I thought, I’ll eat less meat to save energy costs and decrease my carbon footprint. but that doesn’t necessarily mean “go vego”, because cheese has a high carbon cost, as does, apparently, tofu? There’s an awfully mixed data set up on Mr Internet.

So to hell with the rationalisations — I’m going to eat nothing that’s ever had a heart for the next week.

Just for the challenge.

(Cheese has no heart.)

3 Responses to “Going Vego”

  1. diane said

    I bet you have gone a week without meat before and you didn’t even know it. Go for a month, dude! Love the cow pic

  2. you are too brave for your own good

  3. Yay me too. And Emma, how’s your raw food thing coming?

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