The apple doesn’t fall far

August 12, 2010

Dad’s always been bucking conventional wisdom and questioning social norms, because that’s just what he does. He spent last weekend wearing mardi-gras beads and a blue sequined visor because… it’s weird, and everyone agrees it’s weird, and it’s fun to be out of style and poke fun at how dumb fashion is. Sound like anyone…?
After last week’s startling realisation that I fall into the stereotypical category that I’d always scorned, came this gem.
At a top-notch DC restaurant, Papa Wyatt (Robin Roy) said no to the Microbrewery selections on tap, and opted for a couple PBR tallboys to compliment his meal. He had no idea what it meant, he was just making a natural choice.
It seems I’ve learned from the best.

2 Responses to “The apple doesn’t fall far”

  1. Susha Bro said

    this guy.

    THIS GUY>>>>>>>

  2. Papa Wyatt said

    Hey, I wear the beads and hat because they go so well with my hair and eyes!

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