bike beauty

August 4, 2010

A good bike can change your life. Because it can change the way you think about distance, movement, and freedom. It can open worlds. For under 10 mile travel, nothing compares — it beats driving a car hands down (parking in a city is a mess; negotiating traffic in a giant steel box is claustrophobic at best; and being trapped in a rolling cage on a beautiful day just adds to the stress). I wrote about having a good bike a few weeks ago, and it was a revelation.

My bike rides brilliantly, changed my life, blah bloh bluh, BUT it was ugly as a rottweiler trying to lick peanut butter out of its butt.

I needed to make it pretty.

My dilemma: I love riding it. In order to make it pretty, you have to take it apart, and can’t ride it.

My solution: Do a shod-job —  a no-primer, no-sanding, no-nothing superficial double-coat of new paint.

Oh it’s so pretty. It’s oldschool Buick pick-up blue with an electric green chain and orange fast tires (how fast? orange fast). And I can scratch off that prettiness with a fingernail. Wow. Yes, it’s that feeble a job. I tried varnishing it to keep the paint on. It’s as effective as trying to patch a boat with scotch tape. But I love this bike, and will continue to ride its pretty form around until the chips become so egregious it’s no longer pretty.

“Pretty” count: 36.

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